All Electrical equipment for your home.

From cables and cords, halogen lamps, and LED bulbs to a range of energy savings lights, power up your home with Homesmiths’ incredible range of electrical equipment and electrical tools. Whether looking to embark on your next DIY project around the house and need home electrical equipment? Or do you work as a professional contractor who needs electronic equipment and electrical products? At Homesmiths you can find an assortment of trusted and affordable electrical tools and equipment at the best prices. If you want to buy electrical equipment online, our massive collection of electrical equipment in UAE has got you covered!


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  1. Cricut Easy press 2 Mini 9 x 9 inches Raspberry
    20% OFF
  2. Cricut Mini Heat press

    Cricut Easypress Mini Raspberry

    AED 309.00
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Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, electricity has become so intertwined with our lives that we just cannot do without it anymore! Electrical equipment and electrical tools have become an integral part of us. And it is safe to say that ‘Power’ powers up the world we see. You can find a wide range of electronic equipment, including lights, switches, cables, wires, and adaptors.  And we have made them all available at one place – Homesmiths! Whether you need new light fixtures for your garden or a brand-new travel adaptor, you can find everything you need here.

One-Stop-Shop for All Your Electronic Needs

Need a reliable place to buy electrical equipment online? You’ve found it - Homesmiths! Our extensive selection of home electrical equipment includes multimeters, solders, detectors, and more. You can light up your home with a variety of smart, energy-efficient systems to reduce your power bills. Besides, you can also equip your home with extension cords, switches, and adaptors to tackle any electrical project.  Be it a change of your home’s wiring or a simple switchboard, find all the electrical products you need at Homesmiths to complete your electrical project economically.

What Can You Find at Homesmiths?

Looking for electrical equipment in UAE? Homesmiths is the place for all your electrical tools and equipment needs. Here is what you can find at our store:

Lights and Bulbs – Looking for a powerful light for your vanity mirror or a space-saving LED bulb? Dive into a world of lighting solutions curated for every need!

Smart solutions – Go tech-savvy by investing in smart home solutions that are not just visually appealing but highly functional. Choose from battery-powered doorbells, wireless security cameras, Wi-Fi-enabled LEDs, and more.

IT peripheral – Headphones, chargers, network cables, TV remotes, power cords – there is a limitless range of electrical products to satiate the tech-enthusiast in you!

Batteries – From remote-controlled cars and toys to watches, find a wide- assortment of batteries to power up your devices. There are varied options, including; AA, AAA, rechargeable, coin-sized, long-life, alkaline, lithium-ion, and more.

Tools and accessories – Be it a science project or a DIY project around the house, you can get all the tools for the job at Homesmiths. Soldering iron, wire stripper, battery clips, splitter, detectors, multimeters; for more, you name it, we get it for you.

Extensions cords and adaptors – Get the accessibility and adaptability you need with our range of extension cords and adaptors. Be it travel adaptors that accommodate different plug-types or extension sockets that provide multiple outlets for your devices.  We have something for everyone!

Mobile accessories – Portable chargers, laptop stands, lightning chargers, phone mounts, and more – our wide range of mobile accessories keep up with people constantly on the move.

Be it lights, wires, cables, or switches - Homesmiths has a massive collection of top-quality electrical equipment to cover your every need. So, the next time you are on the electrical tools hunt for your next project, stop at Homesmiths – because we have it all!