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Your home is an extension of who you are, and that is why it’s imperative to have a space that reflects you and embodies your style and persona. Make your space your own with a home improvement project. Whether your living room needs a new partition or you are looking to revamp your lawn, find everything you need at Homesmiths’ home improvement store. Be it regular repairs, touch-ups around the house, or DIY home improvement projects, if you are looking for a home improvement store online in Dubai, Homesmiths has what you are looking for to get the job done. We have all the hardware, tools, and home improvement accessories to give your home a makeover.


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  1. Goo Gone 8Oz Remover

    Goo Gone 8Oz Remover

    AED 39.00
  2. Bold Basin Mixer Alton

    Bold Basin Mixer Alton

    AED 529.00
  3. Nite Ize Doohickey Pet Tool
    45% OFF

    Nite Ize Doohickey Pet Tool

    AED 44.00 AED 24.00
  4. Tesse Brass Shattaf

    Tesse Brass Shattaf

    AED 139.00
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3233 Items Found

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  1. 3M 29items
  2. Little Trees 11items
  3. Liberty 42items
  4. Intex 1item
  5. Hozelock 38items
  6. Wenko 43items
  7. Black & Decker 14items
  8. Bosch 5items
  9. Command 65items
  10. Armor All 6items
  11. Elmer's 20items
  12. B-Safe 14items
  13. Masterlock 32items
  14. Hy-Ko 136items
  15. Crawford 35items
  16. Fix-O-Moll 100items
  17. iDesign 23items
  18. Yale 34items
  19. Turtle Wax 9items
  20. Victorinox 5items
  21. Magnets 26items
  22. Ook 44items
  23. Velcro 55items
  24. Midwest 28items
  25. High Road 12items
  26. Tatay 1item
  27. Joie 1item
  28. Honey Can Do 2items
  29. Brennenstuhl 1item
  30. National Hardware 62items
  31. Claber 53items
  32. Goo Gone 1item
  33. Loctite 24items
  34. Suncast 4items
  35. WD-40 7items
  36. Sentry 1item
  37. Cosmoplast 56items
  38. Makita 37items
  39. Hillman 35items
  40. Nite Ize 14items
  41. DAP 17items
  42. Terminator 25items
  43. RustOleum 2items
  44. Wulf 219items
  45. Frost King 25items
  46. Scotch 16items
  47. Blu 4items
  48. Evriholder 2items
  49. Verdemax 2items
  50. Titebond 10items
  51. Olfa 3items
  52. Jokari 1item
  53. Scotchgard 1item
  54. Aquacraft 3items
  55. Homesmiths 672items
  56. Brewster 7items
  57. Bandit 3items
  58. Araldite 2items
  59. Camry 4items
  60. Grow Fast 3items
  61. HPX 22items
  62. Uni-T 1item
  63. Tramontina 11items
  64. Gardener's 1item
  65. Bison Kit 14items
  66. Formula 1 4items
  67. Kistenmacher 20items
  68. Langlow 6items
  69. Magic Sliders 14items
  70. Magic 1item
  71. The Leonardo Collection 3items
  72. KIKKERLAND 5items
  73. Xcessories 8items
  74. Shoe Goo 1item
  75. Shurtape 5items
  76. Stanley 77items
  77. Gorilla 24items
  78. JB Weld 6items
  79. Fevicol 1item
  80. Like It 1item
  81. Tactix 17items
  82. Dexam 1item
  83. Easy Off 1item
  84. Grohe 6items
  85. Fito 14items
  86. Tru-Guard 32items
  87. Madison 32items
  88. Wagan 1item
  89. Wellington Cordage 9items
  90. Paris Garden 1item
  91. Winbag 1item
  92. Yato 2items
  93. Leatherman 1item
  94. Tesse 20items
  95. Duracover 2items
  96. Tri Circle 3items
  97. UNIVERSAL 1item
  98. UTILITY 72items
  99. Be In A Good Mood 8items
  100. Shurtech 12items
  101. Robert Allen 21items
  102. Panacea 10items
  103. Scheurich 1item
  104. Knape & Vogt 30items
  105. The Home Edit 2items
  106. Godrej 10items
  107. Teraplast 1item
  108. Maagen 9items
  109. Alta 2items
  110. Master Mechanic 3items
  111. So Safe 1item
  112. Sonax 3items
  113. Gardman 6items
  114. Franchi 11items
  115. Ecogreen 2items
  116. Eclipse 2items
  117. Bondloc 4items
  118. Auto Expression 1item
  119. Apollo 2items
  120. Michelin 3items
  121. MIAMI 2items
  122. Meguiar's 1item
  123. Master Plug 1item
  124. Krazy Glue 7items
  125. Jumlee 3items
  126. Homax 3items
  127. Novelty 3items
  128. Orlando 2items
  129. Philips 3items
  130. Plasti Dip 5items
  131. Rain-X 11items
  132. SLIME 12items
  133. Smartcar 5items
  134. Sundex 1item
  135. Superman 2items
  136. Sonaki 5items
  137. Auto Plus 6items
  138. Dolle 12items
  139. Duma Safe 2items
  140. Dukes 2items
  141. Handke 1item
  142. Smartools 2items
  143. All Ride 39items
  144. Jelly Belly 1item
  145. Fiskars 16items
  146. FORD 6items
  147. Bold 17items
  148. Henkel 9items
  149. Desert Energy 5items
  150. Imperial 3items
  151. Anker 3items
  152. Trands 6items
  153. Big Time 5items
  154. PAW 1item
  155. Areon 7items
  156. ProCamp 1item
  157. STONE CRAZY 1item
  158. Dimartino 1item
  159. Namson 1item
  160. Stayhold 1item
  161. Temptations 1item
  162. KA Mask King 2items
  163. Super Help 4items
  164. AGS 2items
  165. Arch 1item
  166. DM 1item
  167. Tooletries 1item
  168. American Mechanics 1item
  169. Drop Stop 1item
  170. Gojo 1item
  171. Lock De-Icer 1item
  172. Refresh 1item
  173. Emirates 1item
  174. Keter 1item
  175. Super Glue 2items
  176. Afton 2items
  177. STP 2items
  178. RAD Things 1item
  179. Shalimar 2items
  180. Fluidmaster 1item
  181. Robustline 3items
  182. Minions 1item
  183. Automaster 1item
  184. Super Olympia 1item
  185. Bloem 3items
  186. Liquid Nails 1item
  187. Fitt 1item
  188. Syndicate 1item
  189. Gulf 1item
  190. Alteco 1item
  191. Devcon Home 1item
  192. Vee Seven 14items
  193. Coco Pole 2items
  194. Mills 1item
  195. Floetrol 1item
  196. Camel 1item
  197. First Watch 1item
  198. Klingspor 8items
  199. Wiha 5items
  200. Magnetic 1item
  201. Force 2items
  202. Metro 1item
  203. GRS 1item
  204. Bond Manufacturing 2items
  205. Cosmic 1item
  206. Clippasafe 12items
  207. Penray 3items
  208. Sunveno 1item
  209. Bond Tite 2items
  210. HG 1item
  211. Idel 58items
  212. Dr. Earth 13items
  213. Euro Garden 52items
  214. Soendgen Keramik 12items
  215. Devcon 1item
  216. iOttie 1item
  217. Reer 6items
  218. Bostik 7items
  219. Evo-Stik 3items
  220. Mr Mckenic 2items
  221. Freiheit 2items
  222. Kelkay 17items
  223. Hand Master 6items
  224. Krud 2items

Starting a home improvement project can be exciting and challenging at the same time requiring thorough preparation, time, effort, and most importantly, the right tools and accessories for the job. If you are looking for a home improvement store that fulfills all your requirements, you have found it! Whether you need minor aesthetic upgrades or a complete home remodel, Homesmiths has everything you need. From remodeling your kitchen and upgrading to large windows to adding beautiful paneling, we’ve got you covered for all your DIY home improvement needs.

The Complete Home Improvement Store

From furniture fittings to locks and fasteners, our home improvement store online features a massive collection of products curated to cover the A to Z of your needs.

  • Looking to set up protective measures in and around the house? We have the finest range of padlocks, safes, electronic locks, and more.
  • Want to equip your shelves with stylish brackets? From silver and bronze to antique, we have options in an array of colors and finishes.
  • Need the right fittings to install windows or doors? We are stocked up with accessories for that as well.
  • Or do you simply want to add new nails, nuts, and bolts to your toolkit? Our assortment includes the basics and much more.

What Can You Find at Homesmiths?

Whether you are upgrading your bathroom with new faucets, fixing your plumbing problems, or need outdoor fittings and gardening accessories, choose from a massive range of quality home improvement accessories only at Homesmiths – one of the best home improvement stores in Dubai.

Here are some of the items you can find at our store:


– From locks, handles, hinges, and brackets, to door stoppers, equip your home with the finest range of hardware.

Hand tools

– Whether you are a DIYer or a professional, you can choose from an extensive collection of tools, including pliers, hand saws, screwdrivers, and more.

Power tools

– Power up your home improvement project with the right tools for the job. From drill kits to high-speed cutters, we have it all.

Tapes and adhesives

– No home improvement project is complete without adhesives. Whether you need construction glue, hot glue, primer, adhesive remover, or mounting tapes, you will find limitless options at Homesmiths.

Refresh and Transform Your Home

Remodeling and renovation projects do not always come attached with a hefty price tag. With the right tools, a stretch of your imagination, and a little of your elbow grease, you are one step closer to transforming your home into what you have always dreamt of. From the smallest of upgrades around the house to the most major DIY projects, for all your home improvement needs, Homesmiths is the go-to home improvement store.