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Your kitchen is the heart of your home, a place of love, laughter, joy and health! Pamper it with everything it deserves from Homesmiths’ line of kitchenware and kitchen equipment that promises to enhance its curb appeal while adding to its functionality. From kitchen cookware such as pots and pans, to kitchenware accessories such as storage containers, dispensers, cutlery, peelers, and more, you can find the best kitchenware products in one place. If you’re looking to buy kitchenware and are looking for a trusted kitchenware online store that answers your every need, Homesmiths is your one-stop shopping destination in Dubai. Homesmiths’ exquisite range of kitchenware not just aids you in serving up scrumptious meals, but also helps you in making your kitchen smart and savvy.


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  1. RSVP Endurace Curvy Coffee Scoop
    50% OFF

    RSVP Endurace Curvy Coffee Scoop

    AED 29.00 AED 14.50
  2. Label Souq Cleaning 7 Labels Pack
    30% OFF

    Label Souq Cleaning 7 Labels Pack

    AED 35.00 AED 24.50
  3. Hutzler-Nesting Prep Bowl 3 Piece Set Assorted
    50% OFF
  4. Neoflam Nylon Egg Beater
    25% OFF

    Neoflam Nylon Egg Beater

    AED 19.01 AED 14.25
  5. The Home Edit Cereal Canister

    The Home Edit Cereal Canister

    AED 85.00
  6. Wenko Tumbler Mod. Nuria Gold & White
    30% OFF

    Wenko Tumbler Mod. Nuria Gold & White

    AED 32.00 AED 22.40
  7. Wenko Tumbler Mod. Nuria Silver & Anthracite
    30% OFF
  8. Wenko Tumbler Mod. Odos White & Gold
    30% OFF

    Wenko Tumbler Mod. Odos White & Gold

    AED 39.00 AED 27.30
  9. Treo Store Fresh Square Container 300ML
    46% OFF
  10. Rabbit Cocktail Mixing Kit
    40% OFF

    Rabbit Cocktail Mixing Kit

    AED 200.00 AED 120.00
  11. Rabbit Bullet Shaker 28 Oz
    40% OFF

    Rabbit Bullet Shaker 28 Oz

    AED 130.00 AED 78.00
  12. Homesmiths Knife Plastic Set 48 Pieces
    70% OFF
  13. Homesmiths Textilene Placemat 45 x 30 CM
    70% OFF
  14. Homesmiths Plate Set Of 6 Shiny Polypropylene
    44% OFF
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1537 Items Found

Setting up a new kitchen? Renovating your old one? Require a few pots, spoons and bowls, a little bit of zing and some panache? Whatever your need, Homesmiths’ range of kitchenware and kitchen equipment has got you covered. At Homesmiths, you’ll be spoilt for choice; right from cookware, bakeware to cutlery, flasks, lunch boxes, place mats, serving dishes, glassware to tools & gadgets such as thermometers and timers. Whether you’re looking for pots, pans or ladles to cook up love, or are scouting for the right storage solutions to keep food fresh; we’ve got it all here.

Upgrade your Kitchen with the Right Kitchenware

Messy, disarrayed, and unorganized kitchens can be a nightmare to work in! What with the rush of prepping, cooking and packing meals, the last thing you want is for your cookware to fail you, your ingredients to rot, or waste precious minutes on a task that could take seconds with the right tool. At Homesmiths, we take care of the smallest detail, from specialized garlic peelers to airtight containers to store your food safety to high-quality premium range kitchen cookware. We even have colorful options; from sleek to minimal to sophisticated, that complement your unique aesthetic and taste, and uplift your kitchen’s look.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how some homes have seemingly perfect and well-organized kitchens that look like they’re straight out of Pinterest, then we’ve got the answer! With Homesmiths’ kitchenware online store, you’re one step closer to setting up the kitchen of your dreams.

What can you Find at Our Online Store?

Bakeware Bring out the inner baker in you and whip up the most scrumptious baked goodies with the aid of our range of pans, molds, measuring tools, and decoration items.

Cookware – The key to cooking a wholesome meal lies in the cookware you use for the job. Be it non-stick pans, stainless steel pots, to rice cooker, milk boilers, and casseroles, we’ve got them all!

Kitchen accessories, utensils and tools – Knives, tongs, spatulas, peelers, choppers, pot holders, scrapers, cutters, mincers, cutlery, turners, colanders, strainers, ice cream scoop and more; we’ve got an endless array of choices to make your cooking experience, seamless.

Tableware – Presentation is key, and even the most scrumptious dish will fall flat when served on a boring plate. Ramp up the appeal of your meals by investing in the right tableware. Dining plates, tea pots, mugs, glasses, cutlery; we’ve got what it takes to elevate your dining experience.

Kitchen care – Kitchen upkeep might perhaps be the most difficult tasks on your to-do list, but thankfully, our line of kitchen care solutions aim to make that 10x easier. From drying mats, kitchen towels, mats, scrubbers, brushes to liners, explore a myriad of options today!

Small appliances – The days of grinding your spices in a mortar and pestle are long gone! Technology has ushered in smart, innovative kitchen appliances, that help you go from cooking to serving in minutes. Discover air fryers, blenders, mixers, toasters and more.

Revamp your kitchen with the best kitchenware products and kitchenware accessories you can find – and watch the magic unfurl! Cooking, cleaning, meal prepping, serving or dining will never be the same again! Buy kitchenware today from Homesmiths – the one-stop leading destination for all your kitchen equipment and needs!