Homesmiths’ collection of baking supplies is sure to get amateur baking enthusiasts and seasoned bakers excited alike! Get the best bakeware handpicked from leading international brands only at Homesmiths. Choose from baking trays, baking pans, pans with lids, muffin trays, baking sets with accessories, baking molds, cutters, icing utensils, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and anything you need for the minutest detail in baking! You’ll get cookware, baking essentials and ovenware for baking in various materials—ceramics, glassware, stainless steel, aluminum, and premium-grade plastic. Bring home the dream supplies for baking while starting your baking journey, or add some new baking utensils to your collection, or even better, gift a pleasant baking kit to a loved one!


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  1. Tala Performance Funnel Chip Tray
    50% OFF

    Tala Performance Funnel Chip Tray

    AED 79.00 AED 39.50
  2. Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen Glass Pastry Board
    40% OFF
  3. Nordic MicroWave Plate Stacker
    30% OFF

    Nordic MicroWave Plate Stacker

    AED 16.00 AED 11.20
  4. Nordic Stuffed Burger Press
    51% OFF

    Nordic Stuffed Burger Press

    AED 39.00 AED 19.00
  5. Nordic Naturals 9 X 13 Cake Pan With Lid
    59% OFF

    Nordic Naturals 9 X 13 Cake Pan With Lid

    AED 109.00 AED 45.00
  6. Core Cookie Prep & Play 18 Pieces Set
    49% OFF

    Core Cookie Prep & Play 18 Pieces Set

    AED 89.00 AED 45.00
  7. Mason Cash Heritage Ramekin Dish
    25% OFF

    Mason Cash Heritage Ramekin Dish

    AED 19.00 AED 14.25
  8. Pme Pme Supatubes Small Leaf
    56% OFF

    Pme Pme Supatubes Small Leaf

    AED 16.00 AED 7.00
  9. Mason Cash 12 inch Geo Rose Gold Cake Box
    25% OFF
  10. Mason Cash 10 inch Geo Rose Gold Cake Box
    25% OFF
  11. Mason Cash 12 inch White Cake Box
    25% OFF

    Mason Cash 12 inch White Cake Box

    AED 24.00 AED 18.00
  12. Mason Cash 8 inch White Cake Box
    25% OFF

    Mason Cash 8 inch White Cake Box

    AED 19.00 AED 14.25
  13. Mason Cash Classic Collection Oval Dish 28Cm
    25% OFF
  14. Sistema Cake Box 8.8

    Sistema Cake Box 8.8

    AED 85.00
  15. Sistema Bake It 1.56L

    Sistema Bake It 1.56L

    AED 25.00
  16. Pme Candy Mould Animal Fun 215 x 240mm
    69% OFF
  17. Sistema Bake It 685ML

    Sistema Bake It 685ML

    AED 17.00
  18. Mason Cash Classic Collection Square Dish 16Cm
    25% OFF
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276 Items Found

Let's admit it, baking is therapy as much as cooking is, and where else to look for the best baking supplies for your creative endeavors in the kitchen other than at Homesmiths? Gear up to get spoilt for choice as you choose from the cutesy cookie cutters to fancy cupcake liners for a birthday. On a full-on bake mode? Get those sets of baking dishes and baking pans for an elaborate lunch of all-baked delicacies of loaves, au-gratin, lasagna, puddings, and baked sweetmeats. Homesmiths has you covered with its A-Z baking collection at your disposal to pick from the best basic baking pans to assorted frosting accessories.

‘Pan’ned From Utility to Vanity

Baking pans are the quintessential baking ware you'd need, and you've got an elaborate bunch to choose from! Ceramic baking pan sets for baking multiple items on the go or for a lovely, tiered cake. Cake pans with lids, in traditional and modern styles, to bake and pack along for a picnic. Want creatively shaped cakes? Get adorable animals and other fancy shapes for baking delicious cakes with attractive looks! Love the classic way? Grab some heritage pie dishes and traditional baking pans in squares, circles, and rectangles. Layered cake pans in different sizes and shapes to bake those premium-looking cakes right out of a patisserie! Choose convenient ones with removable bottoms, pan liners, non-stick coating, and easy-to-clean baking pans. Check out versatile ones like loaf pans, pizza molds, and multipurpose baking trays.

For the Perfect Measurements!

Grams or ounces? Quarter teaspoons to 200ml? What's baking without a crash course in a low-fidelity chemist's lab? You'll get it easily sorted with Homesmiths' measuring cups and spoons collection. Choose from calibrated beakers, mugs, cups containers and bowls. You'll need mixing bowls in assorted sizes to get just the right proportion of ingredients in your luscious cake mix. Buy individual measuring scoops and bowls or a measuring set containing all the sizes you'd need, from a fraction of a pint to a handful lump. Select from food-grade materials like stainless steel, glass, BPA-free plastic, and silicone.

Apart From the Essentials…

Baking can be a handful task, and once you've got the baking essentials in place, you'll find yourself among other baking knick-knacks that are hard to ignore! Homesmiths cover all of them with functional and trendy cake prep stands, icing pipes and nozzles, frosting kits, pizza cutters, rolling pins, muffin liners, whiskers, cookie cutters, cake lifters, cake servers, cutters, pastry blenders and anything else you'd need for a perfect baking experience!

So, get started with your desired baking kit with premium quality bakeware at Homesmiths! The baking ware collection is selected from the best international brands selling premium quality products.