Cooking spoons and ladles are the common ways for serving a spoon full of a hot meal. Serving spoons have a special place in the kitchen and dining table for serving and distributing deliciously cooked meals among the plates. Homesmiths has a broad range of excellent spoons and servers that would make any kitchen feel complete. Browse for the best spoons and serveware from Homesmiths kitchen utensils collection of assorted utensils sets, salad servers, silicon spoons, anti-scratch bamboo utensils sets, tablespoons, teaspoons, flatware collections, basting brushes, spoontulas, anti-scratch turners, ice cream scoops, tongs, and more! Redefine your kitchen experience with premium kitchen products from Homesmiths.

Kitchen Spoons & Cooking Ladles

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  1. OXO Steel Ladle

    OXO Steel Ladle

    AED 89.00
  2. OXO Steel Spoon

    OXO Steel Spoon

    AED 73.00
  3. Fissman 21cm Silicone Rice Spoon Bianca
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    Fissman 21cm Silicone Rice Spoon Bianca

    AED 26.00 AED 19.00
  4. Fissman 32cm Silicone Ladle Bianca
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    Fissman 32cm Silicone Ladle Bianca

    AED 66.00 AED 49.00
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The stirring of cooking spoons, mixing, and serving are a part of the quintessential kitchen affair. For picking a utensils set, you’d never find better options than here at Homesmiths. Select from assorted varieties of cooking spoons, serving spoons, tableware, flatware, etc. to complete your kitchenware collection. From wooden utensils, and bamboo utensils, to stainless steel and silicone in attractive designs and colors—get every grand choice for selection. Go ahead and enjoy selecting from the best quality and the most stylish designs for your kitchen utensils!  

What is the function of salad servers?

Serving a salad can be tricky with too many separate items creating a salad. You can easily drop items while serving and a mess can become unavoidable. Salad servers make this job an easy breeze as they are made especially for serving salads. The salad servers help to firmly hold a portion of the salad and then place it on one’s plate without the salad getting scattered all over the place. They give the right amount of control while having a salad. Salad servers are made from bamboo, wood, silicone, or stainless steel. 

What are cooking spoons commonly called?

Cooking spoons are known as ladles. Ladles are used for stirring and mixing the ingredients while cooking. They are also helpful while skimming and serving from the cooked dish. The common types of ladles are slotted ladles and sauce ladles. 

Is it better to cook with wooden spoons or plastic?

Wooden spoons are natural and safer than plastic spoons, but they have a shorter life span than plastic spoons. If you opt for plastic spoons, make sure they are 100% food-grade plastic or silicone. The cheap quality or inferior quality plastic spoons used for cooking can be dangerous to one’s health. They can leach toxic chemicals that can mix with the food you are cooking. If you use nonstick coated spoons, chances are there that fragments from the coating can get mixed with your food. So be careful while selecting a spoon for cooking. Also, wooden spoons should not have a chemical coating that can prove harmful if it leaches into the food. Always check the quality before making a purchase. 

Which utensils set should a beginner cook use?

For beginner cooks, it’s best to go for mini sets or basic sets rather than sets with over dozens of pieces. Basic baking sets with a whisk, bowl, and spoon or a set of ladles are best for those starting out. 

From beginners to pro chefs, Homesmiths has got everything one can ever need to serve kitchen needs. Browse through our range of salad servers, cooking spoons, kitchen utensils and much more.