Deck up your kitchen island or your very own bar setup at home with exclusive barware from Homesmiths. Exquisite bar accessories not only adds a splendor to your home but also sets up the perfect ambiance for a frolicking drinking experience with your friends and family. So don’t wait anymore and get the best of tableware for your bar set up from Homesmiths. Explore wine aerators, wine servers, jigger measuring sets, corkscrews, board and shot glasses, reusable straws with a cleaning brush, cocktail shakers, bar sets, whiskey glasses set, bottle openers, cocktail kits, whiskey tumbler sets, ice buckets, bottle stoppers, cocktail stirrers, cocktail mixing spoons, bullet shakers, and more.


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  1. Koopman Wine Set of 3

    Koopman Wine Set of 3

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  2. Joie Cocktail Jigger

    Joie Cocktail Jigger

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  3. Kikkerland Chemistry Flask
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    Kikkerland Chemistry Flask

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An enchanting barware can make your high-spirited drinks even more enjoyable, so make sure you invest in the best available products suited to your tastes. Choose the right cocktail shaker and bar sets to render the best-tasting liquor blends ever. Get more than one type of bar set so that you have plenty of choices in running multiple drink options filled drinking spree! Homesmiths has every option made available to you for refining your drinking experience and adding the missing jest!

Set up your own home bar with accessories from Homesmiths:

Thick bottom glasses: Homesmiths has a range of thick bottom glasses to complete your shot glass collection. A thick base adds durability and strength to the glass. Especially, while muddling, which can damage the bottom of the glass if it’s thin. Muddling involves mixing non-solid ingredients into the drink, and it can get rough for the glass if it’s not strong enough. Considering how shot glasses are slammed on the counter after the shot, a thick, durable base acts as a safety precaution against cracking and breakage.

Cocktail shakers: There are different types available at Homesmiths. The three main types are the Boston shaker, the Parisian (or French) shaker, and the Cobbler. The Boston shaker has two mixing glasses in it that fit with one another instead of having a top lid. It doesn’t have a strainer, so you need to use a strainer to strain the cocktail. The French shaker has an hourglass shape and also doesn’t come with a strainer. Its shape makes it an attractive choice among barware. The Cobbler has three parts to it and has a built-in strainer. It’s the most convenient shaker for use at home. 

Stemware: You cannot beat the elegance and aura of luxury that stemware can bring to your home bar. Invest in clear glass tall stemware that can give you a rush of bliss with every sip you take. From flute glasses, coupe glasses, margarita glasses to a martini glass, you can find a wide range at Homesmiths

Bar tools and accessories: Equip your bar with everything you’d ever need to entertain your guests and treat yourself to a delightful bar setup! Spoons, mixers, muddlers, jiggers, bottle openers, bottle stoppers, buckets, cork screw, mixing glass, ice tongs, bar towels, bar mats, citrus juicer; you name it, we’ve got it.

What are the examples of barware

Barware is essentially the tools, utensils, and glassware used in the preparation of alcoholic drinks. There is a lot of variety under this category. Since such items are mostly associated with a bar, hence the name. It can consist of glasses for alcoholic drinks, mixers, shakers, stemware, bottle openers, knives, decanters, jiggers, wine servers, and more.  


What accessories are needed for a bar?

Some of the must-haves include:

  • Cocktail shakers
  • Jiggers
  • Muddlers
  • Whiskey glasses
  • Cocktail spoon
  • Bottle openers and stoppers
  • Citrus juicers
  • Stemware
  • Wine servers
  • Decanters
  • Cutting boards
  • Ice cube trays and ice buckets

What does a cocktail shaker do?

cocktail shaker is a bar accessory used for mixing drinks. It’s usually shaped like a large tumbler with a lid to keep the ingredients intact and enclosed. It mixes and serves a delightfully tasteful, chilled cocktail.

Do you need a whiskey glass?

Yes – you will get the best experience from your drink when you use whiskey glasses set. While the whiskey glasses themselves have a thin rim at the top for sipping and enjoying the drink from a slender sipping edge, a thick bottom in most glasses prevents your drink from getting warmed up, which can in turn alter the flavor and aroma of the drink.

Why are there different glasses for different drinks?

Different glassware are required to help you make different drinks look good and taste better. Finding the right barware for a specific drink can go a long way in enhancing aromas and maintaining correct temperatures. This is why, you cannot have one glass for all and need to invest in the right products.

Want to set up your dream bar space at home? From whiskey glasses set to highball glasses, find all the barware you need at Homesmiths. Get started!