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No one likes dull, boring, and weathering walls. Add some color and life to your home with Homesmiths’ vibrant range of paint supplies and paints online! Refresh the interiors of your home, the deck, fence, furniture and staircase railings with a fresh coat of paint that will liven up your space. If you want to buy paint online in UAE or paint accessories, including spray paints, brushes, rollers, tapes, caulk, and adhesives, Homesmiths is your go-to store. Need the best paint for walls that is weather-resistant or chemical-free paint products? We’ve got it all! Browse through our paint collection today!


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  1. Beldray 2 Step Ladder

    Beldray 2 Step Ladder

    AED 179.00
  2. Rust-oleum Spray Grip

    Rust-oleum Spray Grip

    AED 32.00
  3. Gulf Thinner 1L

    Gulf Thinner 1L

    AED 15.00
  4. Sealant 5mm Pen Nib

    Sealant 5mm Pen Nib

    AED 39.00
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447 Items Found

Break free from the monotony and add a pop of color to your home with Homesmiths’ paint supplies. Whether you want to paint your walls green or refurbish an old piece of furniture, Homesmiths is the go-to place for a wide range of accessories and paints online.

Limitless Paint Options, Limitless Creativity

When it comes to paint products, your imagination is the only limit.  You can renew your old bicycle with spray paint, protect your garage floor with epoxy paint, or make your dining table look brand new with our furniture paint. Bring out the creative genius in you to paint murals on the wall or unleash a splash of colors on canvas – there’s no limit to what you can do with our range of paints. Whatever you need, any paint, any finish, color, glitter, sparkle, matte, or pastel: you name it, we have it all for you. From the best paint for walls and weather-resistant options to child-safe chemical-free formulas, our paints and accessories section has it all.

Get the Right Tools for the Job?

Having the right tools is crucial to your outcome. You can’t expect a top-notch finish on your wall using a worn-down brush. Don’t worry because we’ve got the right tools to finish the job from start to finish. Shop for our range of rollers, brushes, and duct tapes, from other supplies section to help you get the job done. We’ve also got a massive range of abrasives, sandpapers, caulk, and adhesives to fix and smoothen up any material, including wood, metal, concrete, or plastic, ensuring a neat and professional-looking finish.

Your Fix to Any Problem?

No one likes the sight of cracks, crevices, or gaps in your furniture or wall. Want to prevent costly home repairs or fix what’s already broken We’ve got the solution. Our range of caulk and sealants are designed to help you handle repair jobs around the house. Seal gaps around the house by caulking it to save on your energy bills or use wood putty to salvage your old armchair from falling into ruins. We have got rubber sealant, silicone caulk, cement crack fillers, solvent, cement, spackling, and more. Get all you want at Homesmiths.

Our range of solutions is for everyone willing to buy paints online in UAE. Whether you’re a carpenter looking for premium quality wood polish, or a novice looking to give your home a makeover, we have paints for all purposes. Our top-grade, superior quality products ensure you make the right pick every time you shop paints online with us! No matter how big or small your painting project is, Homesmiths has all the paint supplies you need to make it a success!