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No one likes dull, boring and mundane; add some color to your home and life with Homesmith's vibrant range of Paints and Accessories! Refresh the interiors of your home, the deck, fence, furniture and staircase railings with a fresh coat of paint that will liven up your space. Whatever you need, any paint, any finish, any color, glitter, sparkle, matte or pastel: you name it, we’ve got it. From weather-resistant options to child-safe chemical free formulas, find anything and everything in our Paints and Accessories section. Renew your old bicycle with spray paint, give your garage floors a protective coat of epoxy paint or make your dining table look new again with our furniture paint.

What’s more, we’ve also got the right tools to finish the job from start to finish. Shop for our range of rollers, brushes and duct tapes, among other supplies to help you get the job done. We’ve also got a massive range of abrasives, sand papers, caulk and adhesives to fix and smoothen up any material, be it wood, metal, concrete or plastic to help you get a neat and professional-looking finish.

No matter the paint project, however big or small, Homesmiths has got what it takes to help you get it done!


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  1. Testor 6Oz Blue Chalk Paint
    21% OFF

    Testor 6Oz Blue Chalk Paint

    AED 19.00 AED 15.00
  2. Langlow Sugar Soap

    Langlow Sugar Soap

    AED 14.00
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873 Items Found

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  1. White 167items
  2. Natural 11items
  3. Clear 109items
  4. Multicolor 70items
  5. Grey 31items
  6. Brown 15items
  7. Black 89items
  8. Silver 14items
  9. Blue 28items
  10. Gold 6items
  11. Maroon 1item
  12. Green 7items
  13. Yellow 31items
  14. Tan 7items
  15. Royal Blue 1item
  16. Charcoal 1item
  17. Lime 2items
  18. Pink 3items
  19. Aqua 1item
  20. Red 25items
  21. Orange 4items
  22. Beige 3items
  23. Copper 1item
  24. Bronze 1item
  25. Purple 3items
  26. Ivory 1item
  27. Oak 2items
  28. Satin 3items
  29. Clear Gloss 1item
  30. Early American 2items
  31. Cherry 5items
  32. Provincial 1item
  33. Red Oak 3items
  34. Colonial Maple 1item
  35. Red Mahogany 1item
  36. Gunstock 2items
  37. Chestnut 3items
  38. Walnut 7items
  39. Ebony 3items
  40. Espresso 2items
  41. Jacobean 2items
  42. Golden Oak 3items
  43. Maple 2items
  44. Wood 2items
  45. Cream 7items
  46. Almond 2items
  47. Mahogany 4items
  48. Gloss White 3items
  49. Semi Gloss Black 1item
  50. Gloss Apple Red 1item
  51. Gloss Black 1item
  52. Gloss Clear 1item
  53. Gloss Meadow Green 1item
  54. Satin Granite 1item
  55. Gloss Chestnut 1item
  56. Satin Crayon Black 1item
  57. Metal Finish Gold 1item
  58. Gloss Marigold 1item
  59. Gloss Sun Yellow 1item
  60. Rust Flat White 1item
  61. Satin White 2items
  62. Matt Clear 1item
  63. Satin Store Grey 1item
  64. Khaki 2items
  65. Satin Clear 1item
  66. Satin Leafy Green 1item
  67. Satin Paprika 1item
  68. Satin Slate Blue 1item
  69. Gloss Biscuit 1item
  70. Aged Oak 2items
  71. Red ELM 1item
  72. Rosewood 1item
  73. Blush Pink 1item
  74. Smoke Glaze 1item
  75. Aluminium 1item
  76. Earth Brown 1item
  77. Glitter Gold 1item
  78. Kelly Green 1item
  79. Metal Finish Silver 1item
  80. Metal Finish White 1item
  81. Metal Finish Grey 1item
  82. Metallic Copper 1item
  83. Metallic Gold Rush 1item
  84. Matte Nickel 1item
  85. Vintage Copper 1item
  86. Gold Flake 1item
  87. Graphite Matte 1item
  88. Matte Red 1item
  89. Red Primer 1item
  90. Gloss Ocean Mist 1item
  91. Oasis Blue 1item
  92. Oregano 1item
  93. Vintage Teal 1item
  94. Gloss Berry Pink 1item
  95. Gloss Colonial Red 1item
  96. Gloss Dark Grey 1item
  97. Gloss Grape 1item
  98. Gloss Ivory 1item
  99. Gloss Khaki 2items
  100. Gloss Purple 1item
  101. Gloss Real Orange 1item
  102. Gloss Seaside 1item
  103. Gloss Spa Blue 1item
  104. Gloss Winter Grey 1item
  105. Metallic Aluminium 1item
  106. Colonial Red 1item
  107. Fossil 1item
  108. Nutmeg 1item
  109. Ummer Squash 1item
  110. Gloss Pure White 1item
  111. Matt Black 1item
  112. French Lilac 1item
  113. Sweet Pea 1item
  114. American Chestnut 2items
  115. Honey Pine 2items
  116. Olde Maple 1item
  117. Pecan 2items
  118. Dark Glow 1item
  119. Verde Green 1item
  120. Anodized Bronze 1item
  121. Gloss Sand 1item
  122. Honey Maple 1item
  123. Oil Rubbed Bronze 1item
  124. Weathered Steel 1item
  125. High Gloss Black 1item
  126. Specialty Glitter Copper 1item
  127. Specialty Glitter Rose Gold 1item
  128. Aged Glaze 1item
  129. Smoked Glaze 1item
  130. Farmhouse Red 1item
  131. Cocoa Bean 1item
  132. Coastal Blue 1item
  133. Champagne Pink 1item
  134. High Gloss Turquoise Sky 1item
  135. High Gloss Desert Rose 1item
  136. High Gloss Citrus Fields 1item
  137. Satin Fire Orange 1item
  138. Antique Pewter 1item
  139. Espresso Brown 1item
  140. Navy Blue 1item
  141. Dark Brown 1item
  142. Antique Walnut 1item
  143. Hickory 1item
  144. Amber 1item
  145. Flat Soft iron 1item
  146. Dark Steel Metallic 1item
  147. Dark Walnut 1item
  148. Driftwood 1item
  149. Ivory Silk 1item
  150. Satin Eden 1item