How many times have you thought of ironing that huge pile of already laundered clothes and decided against it just because it felt too laborious and cumbersome? Here are Homesmiths, we have your back. Our wide collection of the latest and the best iron board and accessories will help you get over the dullness that is associated with ironing clothes. You can select from the array of state-of-the-art and modern ironing accessories such as mats, boards, iron board covers, and premium irons! If you have been using a regular iron for some time and hate the cord getting in the way of your ironing experience, how about you go for a cordless iron this time? So, iron out all the wrinkles from your ironing experience and visit Homesmiths now!

Ironing Boards & Stands

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  1. Medium Sized Ironing Board by Vileda

    Vileda Ironing Board Star Medium

    AED 209.00
  2. Wenko Quick-Iron Stick 50g

    Wenko Quick-Iron Stick 50g

    AED 25.00
  3. Evriholder Lint Brush

    Evriholder Lint Brush

    AED 29.00
  4. Whitmor Pressing Pad

    Whitmor Pressing Pad

    AED 15.00
  5. Whitmor Ironing Mat

    Whitmor Ironing Mat

    AED 65.00
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Ironing is one household chore that people of almost ages dread. The tiresome process of spreading the cloth on the iron board, pressing the iron across it multiple times in multiple directions, and dealing with the cord all this while can put anyone to sleep. So how to make this task easier and probably a little more fun? We at Homesmiths have your back! We have a huge variety of ironing accessories such as boards, ironing mats, board covers, iron descaler, lint remover, and hot iron cleaners to make your ironing activity a fun process.

Discover a wide range of ironing solutions at Homesmiths:

Ironing Boards and Irons:

You need at least two pieces of equipment to perfectly iron your cloth and they are: an iron and an ironing board. Investing in superior quality of both ironing accessories is highly recommended as they are used quite frequently and if maintained properly can last you a decade! Cordless irons are a big hit these days followed by ironing boards with adjustable heights.

Ironing Sprays:

You need to spray the piece of fabric that you are ironing with an ironing spray before you press it as it helps in smoothing out the wrinkles. But for delicate fabrics such as silk and cotton, you ought to be more careful as cheap quality sprays might ruin the cloth itself. So, purchase a high-quality and fragrant ironing spray to enhance your cloth ironing experience and add to the appearance of the ironed cloth.

Ironing Mats:

If there is not enough space in your crib for an ironing board or if you are not able to afford it, an ironing mat is another feasible option for you. It acts just like an ironing board but needs to be laid on a flat surface. These ironing mats are made of high-quality material that can sustain high temperatures.

How to find a good iron board?

A good board is sturdy and does not shake or collapse. Ideally, there should be a metal top with enough space for steam to release. All high-quality ironing boards are lightweight and have adjustable heights. So, select the one with the mentioned features.

What are the different types of iron boards?

You are most likely to find three kinds of ironing boards: A compact table-like board, a board built into a wall, and a freestanding one. Choose one that best suits your needs.

What size iron board is best?

The rule of thumb when it comes to ironing boards is - the wider the better. But if you want to save on space, then a 4 feet long and at least 12 inches wide board is suggested.

When to replace an iron board?

If you are using the ironing board at least once a week, then you will have to replace it after 3 years because the material can get worn out and lose its tautness post-regular use.

What ironing accessory can make ironing easier?

A fabric softener will help with the smooth movement of iron on the fabric and help you remove wrinkles from the fabric a lot faster, compared to ironing on stiff clothes.

Get all the ironing accessories you’ll ever need, only at Homesmiths! From board covers to iron spray, we’ve got it all. Explore now.