Ironing Boards & Accessories

Ironing can be a laborious and dull activity, but you’ve got ironing products and accessories from Homesmiths to make it really easy and quick! Shop from Homesmiths’ collection of the best and trendiest ironing boards, ironing mats, ironing board covers, and premium irons. You can choose a multifunctional ironing board with height adjustment and an attached linen tray. If cords get in your way of ironing, opt for a cordless iron. Get hold of products like ironing mats, iron descaler, lint remover, and hot iron cleaners to make your ironing chore an effortless activity. Ironing won’t seem such a bad job when you’ve got the stuff to speed up the process.

Iron Board & Accessories

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  1. Medium Sized Ironing Board by Vileda

    Vileda Ironing Board Star Medium

    AED 205.00
  2. Wenko Quick-Iron Stick 50g

    Wenko Quick-Iron Stick 50g

    AED 25.00
  3. Evriholder Lint Brush

    Evriholder Lint Brush

    AED 29.00
  4. Whitmor Pressing Pad

    Whitmor Pressing Pad

    AED 13.00
  5. Whitmor Ironing Mat

    Whitmor Ironing Mat

    AED 65.00
  6. Wenko Household Sprayer Klassik 300ML
    65% OFF
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Spreading your shirt inside-out on the ironing board, making sure the cuffs and collars are properly pressed, ironing in the right direction, and juggling with the iron cord if you are not using a cordless variant… Phew! Ironing sure seems like a tiring job! Do you wish for something that made ironing a little easier? Well, Homesmiths has got you covered. You can choose from the endless range of ironing products that’d make ironing an easy task minus the tedious juggle. So, get ready to make your dull, grueling chore into a swift and effortless task. 


Which Accessories to Look for to Make Ironing Easy?

Ironing Boards and Irons:

These are the basics without which you obviously cannot iron. Invest in boards and irons from good quality brands. Make sure they are convenient and make your task easier. Cordless irons help you to iron anywhere and don’t need a plug-in source. Ironing boards come in different sizes; choose one according to your needs. Some ironing boards are multifunctional, containing trays for storing clothesand the iron after use. Some boards have height adjustments as well.

Iron Board Covers:

Your iron board could be covered with stains and marks from using it for a long time. Iron board covers give the iron boards a nice makeover and protection. They are available in different designs, colors, sizes, and features. Most covers come with a snug fit, and some have drawstrings for closure. This makes the cover stay at its place while you iron. Some covers also have a foam pad for enhanced protection against heat and scratches.

Ironing Cloth:

Have you seen the shiny patch you get when ironing dark-colored clothes and delicate fabrics? The ironing cloth forms a see-through boundary between the iron and the fabric. This helps in protecting the clothes you are ironing. An ironing cloth saves you from exposing delicate fabrics like silk and nylon to extreme heat. Ironing pads are in bigger sizes, protecting both the iron board and the ironed fabric.   

Ironing Mats/Blankets:

If you are running short on space, and don’t want to add to the crowd with a new board for ironing, you can get these super useful, and space-saving mats for ironing. These are really useful among the different ironing accessories available. They convert any flat surface around your home into an ironing board. They are padded and made from materials that can withstand high temperatures. They save space, energy, and costs. Just fold it up and store it somewhere after use.

 Ironing Sprays:

These sprays help to flatten creases when steam or water sprays do not seem to be helping. They are useful for fabrics like pure cotton or silk where removing creases are tough. Some of them can contain fragrance to leave freshness in the ironed clothes.

Accessories for ironing span beyond the quintessential iron board or opting for a cordless iron. Homesmiths ensures that you get the best aids for ironing to make a difference in your laundry experience. Explore the best products chosen from the best brands, for laundry and ironing, today!