It’s no secret that carrying lunch for work, school, or college is quite a hassle! You might need to juggle multiple containers, deal with spillage issues, and open your box only to find your food ice-cold and mushy. Ditch the paper bags, snack wrappers, and regular food containers for a Bento lunch box. Why do you ask? Originating in Japan, Bento boxes have evolved ever since to meet the needs of the modern global consumer and earned popularity - thanks to their sleek and functional design. If you’re not a fan of carrying multiple boxes and containers for your lunch at work or school, then you have found the ultimate solution in bento boxes. Explore the latest and the best quality bento boxes at Homesmiths - your one-stop solution for everything you need for your home.

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The Japanese Bento box is your perfect lunchtime buddy for carrying your neatly packed food items. They have the perfect design to contain just the right amount of food - not too much, nor too less. They are sectioned and appropriately sized to contain a perfectly balanced meal. If you’re a health-conscious individual, a bento box would be your perfect lunch companion. With Homesmiths’ unlimited collection of awesome bento boxes, you can surely find a pick for yourself!

Pros of using bento boxes:

1. No mixing of food: Tightly packed divisions prevent food from leaking out of the box or into other compartments and save your lunch from getting soggy, mushy, and cold.

2. Exercise portion control: With a bento lunch box, it’s easy to eat sensibly and pack well-balanced food portions. 

3. Encourages Healthy Eating: Bento boxes enable you to pack a wide array of foods and encourage healthy eating. 

4. Eliminates the use of wrappers: You don’t need separate foil packs because of the compartmentalization. In addition to saving time, it is also eco-friendly.

5. Stylish and economical: These boxes are highly economical and come in a multitude of colors and designs to suit your personal preferences.

What material is best for a bento box?

While traditional bento boxes were made from wood or bamboo, modern boxes are made from plastic. Make sure that the bento box you choose is made from BPA-free and food-grade plastic adhering to health safety norms.

How big should my bento lunch box be?

The quintessential single-tier bento box can hold a capacity of 400-500 ml. A double tier can hold at least double the quantity however they are available in different sizes. You’ll find bento boxes in different capacities and choosing one depends on individual consumption.

Does the food gets mixed up in a Japanese lunch box?

A bento box is known for its tight packing of food items. It has cubicles and separators for neatly packing your food. However, you can always learn from inspiring styles of packing a bento lunch and make your lunch box more colorful, nutritious and flaunt enough variety without them getting mixed up. If you learn the style of packing food in a bento style, chances are pretty less that your food will get all mixed up.

Is having your lunch in a Japanese bento box a healthy option?

The popularity of the bento box has been solely for the fact that the lunch box can contain a two-three course meal in appropriate amounts in a compact box. This not only makes the meal balanced in all kinds of nutrition but also ensures that a person won’t overeat as it’s easy to control food portions in a compact bento lunch box. Therefore, it is healthy to have a bento for your daily lunch unless you stuff it with unhealthy foods and disregard the fundamental rule of packing a bento.   

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