Plastic storage bins are your common storage buddy around the house. Owing to their versatility, they can be used for storing anything, from clothes, makeup, toiletries, stationery, cleaning supplies, and toys, to anything that can clutter up your space. A plastic storage basket can serve so many purposes that it’s pretty much essential around the house. Explore a collection of amazing plastic storage at Homesmiths featuring every kind of design, feature, utility option, size, and more for selection. Mess-free, nicely organized, and things just at the right place and within reach when you need them—get them all done by choosing a plastic bin or a set of plastic baskets of your choice!

Plastic Baskets & Storage Bins

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  1. Keyway Storage Basket With Handle Large
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    Keyway Storage Basket With Handle Large

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  2. Keyway Storage Basket with Handle Medium Clear
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  3. Keyway Organize Storage Box Small White
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    Keyway Organize Storage Box Small White

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  4. Keyway Multi Function Separator Small Clear
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  5. Keyway Storage Box with Divider
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  6. Keyway Multi Function Separator XL Clear
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  7. Keyway Multi function Separator Large
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    Keyway Multi function Separator Large

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  8. Keyway Drawer Organizer Tray with Separator
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If your spilling wardrobe or drawers are crying for attention, it’s high time you pay some attention to them and gets things organized and well-arranged. Nothing better than plastic storage bins to clear up the mess and get your cluttered spaces organized. A plastic basket can tidy up your stuff and compartmentalize your unused storage space. So, select a plastic storage basket from Homesmiths’ elaborate collection of the most useful trays, baskets, and bins.

Pick up plastic storage at Homemsiths!

Separators, sleek plastic bins, plastic cube storage, plastic caddy, storage trays, clear bins, plastic mesh bins, plastic storage with handles, lids or without lids, stackable plastic storage—select from an assortment of plastic storage options suited for your needs from us. You can use them inside closets, drawers, shelves, cabinets, racks, tabletops, cupboards, kitchen storage, and bathroom storage.  

Pros of having plastic storage bins:

  • Organize Everything

Plastic bins are versatile and can be used to store anything that you may have lying around at your home and office. Label the boxes to easily find them when you need them. 

  • Perfect for storing all the toys

After your kids are done playing with the toys, a plastic storage container can come in handy in keeping the toys all sorted. And when it’s time to bring them out again, it’s as simple as flipping over the basket. 

  • Maintenance free

They don’t need any maintenance apart from periodic cleaning to ensure that they don’t accumulate too much dust. They are perfect for people looking for a cost-effective solution. 

  • Made of lightweight and durable material

Our complete collection of plastic storage containers is designed to be lightweight yet durable enough to last for years to come. Also, there’s no risk of rust or corrosion. 

  • Can be used in case of additional laundry

Additional clothes can be easily dumped into these containers in case your laundry basket is full. The containers can help keep them dry till the time you decide to send them to the laundry for a wash.

How functional is a storage tray?

A storage tray might be your common storage option, however, it is the handiest thing you can come across. A tray offers direct visibility of stored items and quick access. It’s easy to store regularly used items. Slotted and sectioned trays offer more functionality.

Is a plastic bin good for storage in comparison to bins made from other materials?

Yes. Plastic bins are durable and easy to clean, and good quality plastic bins don’t get damaged easily. They don’t get wet or attacked by pests like cardboard boxes. Also, they are rust-resistant, so they’re a better option as a material for storage bins.

Is a plastic storage basket good for laundry?

plastic basket can help you to store extra laundry and it’s perfect if you have limited laundry items that are washed regularly. Plastic baskets are not as large as laundry hampers, so they can serve as extra storage or small laundry storage.

How to organize plastic storage bins?

While plastic storage bins themselves help you to organize existing spaces and compartmentalize a big space into usable chunks, the bins can also be arranged as Tetri's fit, or stackable options can be used. Stackable bins and boxes can be used for better utilization of vertical space and proper organization.

Get started with revamping your storage game by opting for Homesmiths' range of storage and organization solutions!