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    Like It Shoe Holder Wide 2 Piece

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The more pairs you own, the harder it becomes to find the right shoe storage for them. Without a shoe organizer, you might find your limited-edition boots stowed away in the closet or your missing pair of pumps somewhere under the bed. Before you stow away your shoes in the closet to gather dust or find the clutter in the entryway piling up day by day, it’s time you opt for the right solution. Homesmiths has just the right collection of shoe box organizers to get you started.

A multitude of options:

Depending on your personal style statement and aesthetic, you can explore a range of storage options at Homesmiths.  Display your most prized collection with transparent shoe box storage that doesn’t just keep your shoes stacked neatly but also adds a layer of sophistication to your previously cluttered closet. From plastic shoe storage boxes, to hanging racks, to shoe covers that can be used to hide your most rugged and used shoes out of view, the choices are endless!

How to find the right storage solution?

Perhaps the most daunting task ahead of you is finding the right shoe box storage option. Sometimes, the array of choices can be confusing – but you can break it down and simplify it! Here’s how. Determine how many pairs you own, and always factor in how many pairs you’re likely to add to your collection in future. This should give you the capacity of storage you’re looking for. Next, measure up the space that’s available. If the space in your entryway is too narrow, perhaps an over the door organizer will fit your needs. Or if you need the perfect closet storage solution, plastic shoe box organizers will keep your kicks in order. You can also invest in tiered racks that can hold more than 20 pairs and help you keep your entryway clutter-free.

One place to find them all!

At Homesmiths, we understand just how important it is to find the right storage and organization solution for every need – and keeping your shoes in order is something we take very seriously! From options that can hold one pair right up to racks that can hold 30 pairs, we’ve got you covered on all fronts. You can also choose from a range of materials such as plastic, metal, cloth, wood etc. From chic contemporary style 4-tier wooden organizers to more simple plastic organizers, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choices. So, it’s time to get your shoe storage game on, and shop for the perfect shoe organizer at Homesmiths!