Trash Bins & Garbage Bins

As the saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to godliness”, it’s important to keep your home free of trash to keep illnesses and diseases at bay. There are hardly any homes that don’t have waste bins as they are home essentials that are an absolute must-have for homeowners. Moreover, keeping a trash bin at every corner of the home can help keep all the rooms clean since all that dry and wet trash can be segregated across the entire household for easy disposal. Homesmiths has a range of clear and stainless-steel dustbins across multiple brands that are designed to be tough, and durable. Start shopping right away!

Trash Bins & Garbage Bins

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  1. Addis Flexibin White

    Addis Flexibin White

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  2. Eko Step Bin 20Litre

    Eko Step Bin 20Litre

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No home is complete without a proper trash disposal unit, and waste bins play an essential role in keeping your home free of garbage. If you are on the lookout to replace your old bin, then you consider getting stainless steel dustbins. Let’s explore why!

Tougher and Sturdier

Stainless steel is much tougher than plastic and buying a trash can made of this material is a much better investment if you are looking for a long-term solution that will last you for years without the risk of breakage.

Don’t Stain Easy

Plastic trash bins get easily stained with daily usage. This is not the case with stainless steel trash bins. So, if you are someone who doesn’t like the sight of a dust bin that’s stained and looks dirty; it’s best to invest in a stainless steel one.

Available In a Variety of Design and Size Options

Whether you are looking for a large-sized dustbin for the kitchen, or a smaller-sized one for dumping those toilet papers in the loo; they are available across a range of design and size options to perfectly suit your requirement.

Traps Foul Odor

If you opt for one with a lid and foot pedal, the strong and heavy lid can prevent odor in your kitchen or the toilet by trapping foul odor. Moreover, thanks to the foot pedal you won’t even need to touch the trash bin while dumping waste. This is a great way of ensuring hand hygiene.

Lightweight Design

Just because the bin is made of stainless steel doesn’t mean it needs to weigh a ton. The ones available in our store feature a lightweight design so that they can be easily moved around as and when required.

Shop for Dustbins at Homesmiths!

Beyond steel bins, we have lots of different material options to choose from! Explore Homesmiths’ complete collection of waste bins available in both stainless steel and clear options across a range of sizes and designs to choose from. All our products across brands are of high quality and offer complete value for money.


So, if you are looking to replace that old trash bin of yours, pick one from our catalog right away, and give your home a squeaky-clean look by keeping all that trash organized in a single place! Start shopping for a waste basket today.